Unskooler for the students who are dedicated to learn and develop there problem solving skills.

Our goal:

“Be open to new ideas and approaches. Develop your problem-solving skills.”

About Unskooler

Unskooler has a dedicated team of experienced, elevated professionals in the field of education.


  • Unskooler has a dedicated team of experienced, elevated professionals in the field of education
  • It’s a team comprises of topmost Leaders of some renown educational companies
  • Developed Integrated Curriculum for Schools and coaching Industries
  • Having experience of handling multiple projects and locations in the country
  • Gained excellence in accommodating different learning styles and pedagogy
  • Recognized as A known educationist, proven achievements in the field of (K-12) school education & coaching industry
  • Recognized and revered as A futuristic and transformational business leader with proven excellence.


  • On-Line educational Learning is a flexible instructional delivery system. It encompasses with School Board Learning & preparation of all Competitive exams
  • It has proved to be more accessible, convenient, flexible, and affordable in many ways. It is the one point solution for any loss of class or syllabus due to any reason
  • It provides comprehensive wholesome Education to cater the need of students for better understanding of subject
  • It provides proper education growth as students can take one lesson 'N' number of times without of any hindrance
  • UNSKOOLER provides a comfortable Learning Environment which is equipped with centrally self-directed instructions.


  • Professionals with vast experience in education domain.
  • Topnotch Faculties.
  • Excellent course content with holistic approach.
  • Affordability of content ensuring a high participation of students.
  • Organic growth-oriented company.
  • Various in-house experts in domains.

Unskooler Quantum of work

Video Lectures:11000 minuts of all subjects

Content developed :Grade VI to XII : 12000 Pages

Separate content for Foundation Classes (VIII to X)

Separate content for Test prepration , JEE /NEET/NDA/NA Subjects: Maths, Science, History, Civics, Economics, Geography, English, Physics, Chemistry & Biology


Blended Learning – Academic Enhancement Programme

  • As per National Education Policy (NEP) Key features for any School to teach through BLENDED LEARNING.
  • Our ON-LINE vertical Unskooler.com is the perfect solution to provide the classes for Blended Learning.Salient features of the same are given here under:.
  • Curriculum is developed on Blended learning modules
  • Distinct Video lectures are shot on unique Light Board concept
  • Curriculum is developed for Grade VI to XII
  • It covers all Core subjects like; Maths, Science, so. Science and English
  • Enriched developed Subject Content and Assignment sheets are add on advantage

Unskooler a perfect solution for Blended Learning

  • Technology has changed the way we acquire knowledge – making education more accessible to all.
  • Education has undergone a revolution of its own and 2020 is a stark example of this.
  • As per statistics put out by the UNESCO on its website, over 190 countries faced disruption in formal learning and teaching impacting nearly 1.5 billion learners at one point.
  • As per the same report about 320 million learners have been impacted in India alone.

Further assistance

  • Personal mentoring by the subjects experts.
  • Customized Doubt Clearing Classes.
  • Customized Contents for the school.
  • Orientation and workshops for Olympiads and NTSE.
  • Test series for Board Exams.
  • Test Series for JEE and NEET Exam.
  • Exclusive Study material for Board Exams.
  • Exclusive study material for JEE and NEET exam.
  • Daily Practice Papers for all Boards & Competitive Exams.
  • Performance Analysis and Assessment.

Feedback Analysis

  • Monthly Feed Back mechanism.
  • Open review system for better understanding.
  • Parents workshop and open forum.
  • Institutional Feed back analysis.
  • Analysis by the well established research team.