Date: Thu, Mar 9th, 2023.

Need of the Hour –“Academic reformation”

One can even start it in a single hall with a least investment. And if you see the turnover of these Coaching institutions it is in Billions. They invest crores of rupees in their branding and marketing. Which is absolutely based on creating a negative perception against the “Schools”. Parents are ready to pay lakhs of rupees to these Coaching institutions to make their wards Doctors and Engineers but they will strongly object in case of minimal fee hikes. This is something amazing in our country an authorised agency for education “schools” are marginalised by an unauthorised agency called Coaching Institution! You may easily compare the salary packages of faculties of these Coaching institutions which go Lakhs of rupees in comparison to a school teacher. Who is still least paid than any other sector. One prime reason for their success is that our teachers are professionally not updated to create results in these exams. They are knowledgeable and quite competent to produce good results but we need to update them with the system. They are merely packed up with 7 to 8 periods conventional time table with each period of 40 minutes. They have lots of clerical works to do. We have still not updated our system to reduce their documentation work through soft wares. Hence in my first wish list I should strongly recommend to update our age old conventional school’s Academic administrative set up. Good words of appreciation for some concept schools started working on the same line. But they need to keep alive the soul of “School”. As there is always a huge difference between a “Coach” and “Teacher”. We need to create Super Teachers those who can provide coaching as well as teaching under the agies of “School”. Again, we should not forget in Education only “knowledge reigns supreme”. In this race, definitely “teachers by default” may not exist but obviously “teachers by choice” will surely change the scenario. Now a days everything goes with “perception”. We create perception of good and bad through different ways. Social media is creating tremendous hype for creating perception of anything. In one sense a thing is good and if hundred people rate the same as bad we can create a badness and it will be perceived worst . In one sense branding is one way or the other same. We also create media hype to establish the perception. In this race, Schools find themselves in a miserable condition. Whereas Coaching Institutes are ten steps ahead in this aspect. Today in India this has been established by so many means by these Coaching Institutes that schools are failure in their part of providing education and knowledge to make any student competent of facing National level of Professional examinations. They are mushrooming. Even they don’t require to meet the statutory and regulatory norms like schools.